All products are custom made upon order - that's how we can offer a variety of products sizes and colorss - It's also more environmentally friendly as there is no need to have stock of items that may never sell.

All products are finished in the US/Canada or UK - depending on the product

Order is placed:

  • When an order is placed it can take several hours for this order to be batched into our system.  Our app will batch orders every 4 hours.  Once this order is in our system it goes thru a series of checks and is then ready to be assigned to a print facility.

Order is Assigned a Print Facility:

  • Once your order has been assigned to a print facility the order is printed on paper and sent out onto the production floor.  Once your order is in this phase we can not cancel or change the order.

Packaging and Shipping:

  • Once a printed order meets our quality control standards the item is packaged.  Once packaged a shipping label is printed and the package is placed in a shipping bin to be picked up.  Printing a shipping label triggers the tracking number and this is sent to your store to then be to you.  The shipping details are not updated till the carrier picks up the package and it is scanned at the sorting center.  This could take 12-24 hours for the scans to show.

Production Times:

Please understand these are estimates and are not a guarantee on exact times.  So many factors can play a role in these times that it is hard to give an exact number of days for each item.  We use these as guidelines only.  The best thing to do is email us info@truestoryclothing.com if you are looking for an exact time for an order or during a specific time of year and we can better assist you.

  • During off-peak months orders are processed within 3-6 business days on average and ready for shipping.
  • During peak seasonal months, orders are processed within 9-12 business days one average and ready for shipping.

Peak Times:

Year to year can be different.  However, we use these times of year as our peak times. Keep in mind that shipping times also play a factor in the overall deliver times for orders. 

  • Valentines Day - February 14th
  • St Patrick's Day - March 17th
  • Easter - End of March
  • Mother's Day - May around the 3rd weekend
  • Father's Day -  June around the 3rd weekend
  • 4th of July - July 4th
  • Back to School -College Sports August thru middle of September
  • Halloween - October 31st
  • Thanksgiving - November 25th
  • Christmas/New Years  December 25th & January 1st